Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Alfons idle
Type Water Water symbol
Evolution Aluma Lvl 15
Location Sandbar on Water Island
Resemblence Rabbit/Bubble
Rarity Common
Alfons bio

Alfons spends its days happily falling down waterfalls and sliding across lily pads. It absolutely loves playing with others of its kind.
  — Game Description 


This monster may be encountered at level 6 in the Sandbar area on Water Island.

It can then be purchased for 30 Star Coins.

Alfons evolves into Allura at level 25. She goes under vast visual changes when evolving, and some players have not known Alfons and Allura were related due to their vast difference in appearance.


Skill Unlocked at Type Power Energy
Bubble Stream Level 8
Water symbol


120 - 348 2
Body Roll Level 11 Normal 200 - 580 4
Bubble Smash Level 13
Water symbol


300 - 870 6


Pure Water:

Unlocked: Level 23
Pure water

Description: Increases the healing received from hearts.


Unlocked: Level 32

Description: Picking up experience heals this mino.

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