Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Allura idle
Type Water Water symbol
Location Evolve Aluma at Lvl 25
Resemblence Cat
Rarity Mega Rare

Aluma is the Mega rare evolution of Alfons. It can be evolved into Allura on level 25.


Allura can be obtained by evolving Alfons to Aluma at level 15, and Aluma to Allura on level 25. She goes under vast visual changes when evolving, and some players have not known Alfons and Allura were related due to their vast difference in appearance.


Skill Unlocked at Type Power Energy
Hyper Bubble Level 25
Water symbol


120 - 588 2
Tail Slam Level 30 Normal 200 - 980 4
Storm Level 35
Water symbol


300 - 1470 6


Pure water: Unlocked:Level 10 Description: Gains 30% more health from hearts

Intelligent: Unlocked:level 12 Description: Heals a small amount when gaining Energy