Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Belooba idle
Type Water Water symbol
Location Sandbar
Resemblence Beluga/Seal
Rarity Rare
Belooba bio

Clumsy on land but graceful in water, this Mino can hibernate for years. Their hugs are pretty great, actually, but a bit wet.
  — Game Description 


This monster may be encountered at level 8 in the Sandbar area on Water Island.

It can then be purchased at level 9 for 150 Star Coins.


Skill Unlocked at Cost Type Power Energy
Flipper Splash Level 9 70 Star Coins
Water symbol


110 2
Belly Flop Level 11 ?? Star Coins Normal 165 4
Tidal Wave Level 17 ?? Star Coins
Water symbol


200 6


Thick Skinned
Thick skinned

Unlocked: Level 19

Description: Increases maximum health by 10%.

Bubbly Respite
Bubbly respite

Unlocked: Level 30

Description: Blocking heals this monster.

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