Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Bofalo idle
Type Ground Ground symbol
Location Earth Island
Resemblence Buffalo
Rarity Mega Rare
Bofalo bio

Rough and tough and ready, no one is messing with this rumbler! His carefully styled bangs keep the sun out of his sensitive eyes.
  — Game Description 


Bofalo is a Mega Rare monster that may be encountered on Earth Island. It can also be purchased in the Shop for 190 Credits.


Rock Lob:

Unlocked: Level 21

Type: Ground

Power: 105

Energy Required: 2


Unlocked: Level 23

Type: Normal

Power: 185

Energy Required: 4


Unlocked: Level 29

Type: Ground

Power: 160

Energy Required: 6

Perks (v.3)

Hardened: Increases Maximum Health by 15%. Unlocked at Level 19

Armored: Increases Defense by 15%. Unlocked at Level 21.

Cost (v.3)

1,190 star coins