Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Buzzflee idle
Type Air Air symbol
Location Prairie
Resemblence Bee
Rarity Common

A little ball of buzz. Buzzflee is attracted by candy and glowing blue lights.
  — Game Description 


This monster may be encountered and caught at level 25 in the Prairie area on Earth Island.


Wix likes to shock Buzzflee's for fun. This makes Wix the only Mino to ever damage another Mino.

Name origin: From Buzz (onomatopoeia for bees), and Flee (running from something, hence Buzzflee's visible timidness.)


Name Unlocked Type Power Energy Screen Shot
Slicing Gale Level 26 Air "+105" 2
Slicing gale
Bite Level 27 Normal "+185" 4
Whirling Gust Level 31 Air "+160" 6
Whirling gust


Name Unlocked Description Image
Stifling Winds Level 19 Increases defense against elemental attacks by 25%
Predatory Level 21 Increases attack power by 15%

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