The Earth Island is one of the Four Islands in MinoMonsters!

Earth Island
Earth Island

The Earth Island consists of 4 stages at the moment. The Desert, Cave, Prairie, and Mountain. The Monsters in the Earth Island are:

Stage 1

Earth Island Desert Icon
Tameable Monsters:
  • Aloo - Rare Level 15
  • Cupine - Common Level 12
  • Puprus - Rare Level 16

Grubling Types:

  • Earth Grubling Level 12-13
  • Fire Grubling Level 12-13
  • Grublings Level 12-13
  • Fire Grubling *Boss* Level 15

Stage 2

Earth Island Cave Icon
Tameable Monsters:
  • Nitro - Rare Level 15
  • Kuro - Common Level 13
  • Ersa - Mega Rare level 10

Grubling Types:

  • Earth/Water/Air/Fire Grubling Level 15
  • Grublings Level 15
  • Lightning Grubling *Boss* Level 17

Stage 3

Earth Island Prairie Icon
Tameable Monsters:

Grubling Types:

  • Earth/Water/Air/Fire Grubling Level 16
  • Grublings Level 16
  • Fire Grubling and Electric Grubling *Boss* Level 19 

Stage 4

Earth Island Mountain Icon
Tameable Monsters:

Grubling Types:

  • Electric Grubling (boss found in Caves)level 19-20
  • Water/Air Grubling level 19-20
  • Fire Grubling (Desert boss) Level 19-20
  • Fire, Water, Earth and Electric Boss Grublings (Boss Area) level 21


Legendary Earth

Here you will find the Earth Guardian, a legendary Mino. You can only receive it by defeating all bosses of the Earth Island or in the chest. You need to recieve all the stones from the 4 Bosses in the island. Note: The chest gives you Star Coins or one of the five stones. You cant know for sure if you're going to get a stone.

The Legendary Mino:
Earth guardian

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