Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Ersa idle
Type Ground Ground symbol
Evolution Evolves from Cupaw at level 15
Location Cave
Resemblence Bear
Rarity Mega Rare
Ersa bio

"Ersa sleeps long hours in dark caves. It is loving to its friends but ferocious to its enemies."
  — Game Description 


This monster may be encountered at level 15 at the cave on Earth Island.

It can then be purchased in the Shop for 1190 Star Coins.

You can also evolve Cupaw at Level 15.


Skill Unlocked at Type Power Energy
Roar Level 15 Ground symbol 120 - 588 2
Bite Level 17 Normal 200 - 980 4
Hurl Earth Level 20 Ground symbol 300 - 1470 6


Hardened: Increases Maximum Health by 15%.

Unlocked at Level 19.

Vengeful: Increases damage dealt when this monster is at low health.

Unlocked at Level 21.