Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Fireline idle
Type Fire Fire symbol
Evolution From Embur, at Level 12
Location Jungle
Resemblence Wildcat
Rarity Common
Fireline bio

Native to the frigid peaks of the Hashimura mountains, Firecat admits she has no equal. She comes down only for a true challenge.
  — Game Description 


This monster must be evolved from Embur at Level 12.

It can then be purchased for 390 Star Coins.


Skill Unlock at Type Power Energy
Flame Claw Level 13 Fire symbol 120-348 2
Bite Level 15 Normal 200-580 4
'Flame Blade Level 18 Fire symbol 300-870 6


Name Unlocked Description Image
Fiery Level 9 Increases attack power by 15%
Fire Master Level 11 Deals additional damage to fire monsters.