Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Flare idle
Type Fire Fire symbol
Evolution Evolves from Blazel, lv25
Location Starter Mino
Resemblence Weasel
Rarity Mega Rare
Flare bio

It's thick fur keeps it warm on chilly nights. It can transfer it's fire power into it's claws and use that to attack.
  — Game Description 


  • Blazingnite is the evolution of Blazel (Level 30).
  • Other than evolving Blazel there isn't any other way to obtain Blazingnite.


Name Unlocked Type Power Energy Screen Shot
Fire Swipe Level 6 Fire "120" 2
Thrash Level 27 Normal "200" 4
Inferno Level 31 Fire "300" 6


Name Unlocked Description Image
Ablaze Level 15 When this monster is hit the attacker takes damage.
Roaring Heat Level 27 Increases elemental damage by 20%.


Name origin: From Blazignite; synonym for fire.