Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Type Fire Fire symbol
Location Mystery Island
Resemblence Frilled Lizard
Rarity Mega Rare
Dingo bio

Bright and adventurous, this little guy can deploy a majestic frill to scare off even the toughest mino... or himself! Nobody’s perfect.
  — Game Description 


This monster may only be encountered on Mystery Island. He may not be purchased or won in a treasure chest or chained box. This makes him extremely rare. He was added to the game on the "Mystery Island" update.


Name Unlocked Type Power Energy Screen Shot
Fireball Level 20 Fire "+105" 2
Head Club Level 22 Normal "+185" 4
Flame Jet Level 28 Fire "+160" 6


Name Unlocked Description Image
Explosive Strikes Level 26 Critical Hits deal 30% more damage.
Fiery Level 31 Increases attack power by 15%