Goals are completed to earn stars and unlock new areas. Each area has an individual set of Goals.None in update 2.0

World Goals

Goal Description
Get Your Candy Back Go into the world to find your Candy!
Find the informant He wants to tell you something important
Visit the Sand Bar The Sand Bar can be found on Water Island
Stop the Grublings Grublings are causing trouble in the Sand Bar. Stop them!
Catch a Belooba Find and catch a Belooba
Visit the Jungle The Jungle can be found on Water Island
Save Belooba Belooba is trapped in the Jungle. Find and save him!
Visit Waterfall Steppes Waterfall Steppes can be found on Water Island
Find the Grubling Camp The Grubling camp is in Waterfall Steppes
Visit Waterfall Heights Waterfall Heights can be found on Water Island
Find the Informant The informant is back in the waterfall. Find him!
Look for Scientist The Scientist is in the waterfall. Go find him!
Retrieve the telescope Defeat grublings to find the telescope
Return to the scientist Return to the scientist with the telescope
Collect 12 driftwood Driftwood can be found on the beach
Collect 7 palm leaves Palm leaves can be found in the Jungle
Find the Admiral hat The Admiral hat is in Waterfall Steppes
Return to the scientist Return to the scientist to build the airship
Get Pilot Perk Teach a monster the Pilot Perk. Earn perks by caring for a monster each day

Home Goals

Goal Description
Visit Home At home you can care for monsters and organize your team
Play with a Monster Show some appreciation! At home, tap on a monster and play with it
Feed a Monster Monsters get hungry. At home, tap on a monster and feed it
Favorite Food Each monster has a favorite food, find out what yours like
Nap Time Battling is exhausting, why don't you let your monsters rest?
Equip a Collar Power your Minos with collars dropped by enemies and crates
Equip a Gem Enhance skills by eqipping a gem. Beat monsters to find them
Inspirational Care and feed a monster until it becomes inspired
Get a Perk When a monster is inspired 5 times, it earns a perk!
Sugar Rush After a monster has become inspired, try feeding it some more candy...
Battle a Friend

Water Island

The Windward Beach Goals

Goal Description
Win 8 Battles
Reach Level 9 Train one monster to level 9
Catch a Pigward Watch out. Pigwards have a fiery temper.
Catch A Squiddo
Find Crab Cove

The Sandbar Goals

Goal Description
Find A Collar Collars can be equipped to monsters for bonuses
Defeat 7 Grublings Defeat 7 Grublings in battle
Reach Level 12 Train a mino to level 12
Catch a Zuppy Catch a Zuppy
Find Waste Barrels Clean up toxic barrels the grublings left behind

The Jungle Goals

Goal Description
Defeat 12 Grublings Beat 12 Grublings in battle. They're everywhere!
Reach Level 16 Train a monster to level 16
Catch a Vertis Vertis can be found in the Jungle
Catch a Fireline Search the Wooded Alleys, east in the Jungle
Destroy Hideout Grublings are scheming in the Wooded Alleys

Waterfall Steppes Goals

Goal Description
Win 15 Battles
Reach Level 18 Train a monster to level 18
Catch an Alacon Alacon can be found in waterfall
Jump Into Whirlpool It looks dangerous, but Minos love adventure!
Collect Trash Pick up all of the litter that Grublings left around waterfall

Waterfall Heights Goals

Goal Description
Win 15 Battles
Reach Level 20 Train a monster to level 20
Catch an Alfons Alfons can be found in the Waterfall Heights
Destroy Grub Houses Asking questions will only get you into trouble, just do it
Find Grub Resort

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