Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Gravel idle
Type Ground Ground symbol
Evolution Evolves from Grunt at level 30
Resemblence Golem
Rarity Mega Rare

Gravel is the evolution of Grunt which naturally occurs at level 30. You can choose to evolve a Grunt to the form early by paying 400 mino credits at the info screen.


Name Unlocked ! Type Energy
Mighty Slam Level 6 (Early Evolve) Ground "+105" 2
Leaping Slam Level 10 (Early Evolve) Normal "+185" 4
Earthquake Level 31 Ground "+160" 6


Name Unlocked Description
Armored Level 15 (Early Evolve) Increases Defense by 15%
Shielded Level 27 (Early Evolve) Increase block Damage Reduction by 20%


This mino's specialization is power, though it exhibits a balanced level up characteristic of approximately 19 points in each primary and 21 points going into health during a "dead" or perk/attack level up. This is similar to balanced mino leveling not the traditional specialized level track.