Grubling Candy

Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Grubling Candy
Type Candy 25px
Location Mystery Island, Water Island, Earth Island, and Fire Island


The Grubling Candy is a specialty enemy that provides the player with Candy drops when hit. Although the Grubling Candy is the only non-premium way to obtain Candy, you may not obtain any after holding your maximum amount of five pieces.


The Grubling Candy may be encountered on any island at all times. If the player chooses to battle a different creature first, Candy-Man will have disappeared before that battle ends. Unlike the other opponents, the Candy Grubling will not wait for your return when you leave your current location. It cannot be kept in place as a "Candy backup".

If you fight the Grubling Candy at the spot of a boss, you don't get your boss fight credit reward, but the 12 hour(+) timer does start. This is the same as with catch-able Minos on boss-spots.