Grubling Fire

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Grubling Fire
Type Fire Fire symbol
Location Earth Island and Fire Island


The Grubling Fire specializes in Fire-type attacks. On medium level, it may release small fireballs that cause massive damage to your monster when you touch them. The high level grubling Fire is the Grubling Firespinner, spinning balls of fire around itself, dealing damage to your Mino each time it hits the Grubling.


See main article Avoiding Special Attacks

The fireballs are a response to being hit, and are accompanied by a more traditional attack. They can hinder the pick up of drops, though careful selection of drops can be used to avoid the fireballs. The fireballs are on a timer of approximately 30 seconds which is not tied to combat turns. A patient player can simply wait out the fireballs.

The fireballs are very dangerous, but they will not kill you if you touch them no matter how low your mino is on health. An impatient player can switch to another mino, touch all of the fireballs and then switch back to their main mino. Be careful that you do not touch the fireballs until after attack damage has been resolved.


The Grubling Fire is found on Water Island (low level), Earth Island and Fire Island (high level).


Image|Pictured Middle Name Description
Grubling Fire
Fire Grubling These will spread 1- 4 fireballs when hit occasionally. These will cause massive damage when touched, but will not directly kill you. The fireballs time out after 30 seconds or so.
Lava Grubling Boss grubling of the Dune section of the fire island. He has the Amphibious perk so takes 50% less damage from water attacks. His HP is very high and this is a long battle. He uses very damaging attacks. He regenerates some health during the fight each time it uses a fire attack.