Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Grunt idle
Type Ground Ground symbol
Evolution Gravel, LV. 30
Location Starter Mino
Resemblence Golem
Rarity Rare

Hailing from the smashed-out hills of Egar, Grunt held countless street performances displaying his smashing talents on his journey west to battle.
  — Game Description 

Grunt is one of the three starter Minos that the player has to choose from at the beginning of the game. Should you have chosen a different starter, it can also be purchased in the Shop for 600 Credits.


Name Unlocked Type Power Energy
Rock Shot Level 6 Ground "+105" 2
Headbutt Level 10 Normal "+185" 4
Rock Throw Level 28 Ground +350 6


Name Unlocked Description
Armored Level 15 Increases Defense by 15%
Shielded Level 27 gives grunt a chance to block attacks


You can pay 400 mino credits to evolve this mino early. Evolving this mino does not modify its stats. Benefits of early evolution appear to give extra picks of a stat bonus at level up at level up allowing higher final stats. This appears to be caused by dead levels being created where bonus stat increases are not available due to additions of perks/attacks not available to the later evolved Gravel. Early Evolved Grunts exhibit a "Dead" level at 30, were no bonus stat selection or added perk or added skill are available at level up. Evolution in general will make your "starter" a mega rare.


Name origin: From the word Grunt, usually the lowest member of a team or organization, as golems were normally used as servants in mythology.