Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Magmaleon idle
Type Fire Fire symbol
Location Canyon
Resemblence Chameleon/Dragon
Rarity Common
Magmaleon bio

Magmaleon spends many hours lounging by the pool in the heat of the day. He says it's to charge his fire powers.
  — Game Description 


This monster may be encountered in the Canyon area on Fire Island. It can also be purchased in the Shop for 300 Credits.


Name Unlocked Type Power Energy Screen Shot
Blazing Crash Level 26 Fire "+105" 2
Piercing Whip Level 27 Normal "+185" 4
Scorching Sting Level 31 Fire "+160" 6


Name Unlocked Description Image
Explosive Strikes Level 29 Lucky hits deal 30% more damage.
Amphibious Level 33 Reduces damage taken from water attacks by 50%.

Calculated stats at level 40

Attack: 760-795 Defence: 585-600 Element: 800-810


Name origin: From Magma (molten earth), and Chameleon.