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Josh Buckley



Release date

December 6, 2011


Role-playing video game


Single-player, Multiplayer

MinoMonsters is a role-playing video game developed by Josh Buckley for iPhone. It was globally released on December 6, 2011.


The player must raise and capture monsters to fight through various areas while completing objectives to progress.

Despite the sea captain's presence, the player takes control independently, and the sea captain assumes the role of a shopkeeper instead.


A sea captain and his crew of a Blazel, Crocoling and Grunt reach an island where their ship is attacked by pirate creatures called Grublings. The Grublings escape with the ship's cargo of candy as the crew become shipwrecked. The player must initially retrieve the stole cargo, however the plot gradually expands to involve fighting back against the Grublings themselves.

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