Perk Title Used By
Adrenaline: Gain 2 energy when dealing the finishing blow Alacon
Air Master: Deals additional damage to air monsters Zuppy
Grubling Slayer: Increases damage to grublings by 20% Aloo
Stifling Winds: Increase defense against elemental attacks Buzzflee and Zuppy
Natural Enemy: Increases damage dealt to water monsters Aloo
Predatory: Increases attack power by 15% Buzzflee and Alacon


Perk Title Used By
Bubbly respite Belooba
Intelligent Crocoling, Crocobeast, and Alfons
Pure water Crocoling, Crocobeast, Alfons, and Spritz
Replenish Squiddo and Spritz
Thick skinned Belooba
Water master Squiddo


Perk Title Used By
Ablaze: When this monster is hit the attack takes damage. BlazelFlare and Pyrus
Amphibious: Reduces damage taken from water attacks by 50%. Magmaleon
Explosive Strikes: Lucky hits deal 30% more damage Dingo, Infernam, and Magmaleon
Fiery: Increases attack power by 15%. Dingo, Fireline, and Scorch
Fire Master: Deals additional damage to Fire Monsters. Fireline
Roaring Heat: Increases elemental damage by 20%. Blazel and Flare
Undying Flame: The monster has a chance to survive blows that would otherwise defeat it. Pyrus and Scorch


Perk Title Used By
Armored: Increases Defense by 15%. Grunt, Gravel, Bofalo, Capy, and Vertris
Ground Master: Deals additional damage to Ground Monsters. Cupine and Pigward
Hardened: Increases Maximum Health by 15%. Bofalo, Capy, Pigward, and Ersa
Shielded: Chance to block attacks Grunt, Gravel, Vertris, and Vega
Untouchable: Increases Block Chance by 10%. Cupine and Vega
Vengeful: Increases damage dealt when this monster is at low health. Ersa


Perk Title Used By
Efficient: Your powerful elemental attack costs 1 less energy. Kuro
Electric Master: Deals additional damage to Electric Monsters. Wix
Lucky: Increases Lucky Chance by 10%. Kuro, Lanstorm, and Nitro
Patient: Your basic attack deals 25% more damage. Lanstorm
Thundercloud: Deals 50% more damage to Fire Monsters. Nitro and Wix