Puprus (idle)



Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Type Fire
Evolution Evolves into Pyrus at Lv.25
Location Earth Island
Resemblence Wolf Pup
Rarity Rare

Description: "Puprus can often be found chasing Minos with a flaming stick in his mouth. He's just trying to play fetch."

Puprus is a wolf-like fire Mino that can be found on Earth Island, first appearing in the 1.1.0 update that went public in August 2012.


This monster may be encountered at Level 18 in the Desert Area on Earth Island, and it can then be tamed for 1,630 Star Coins.



Fire Bark (Elemental)

Power: 100

Energy Required: 2


Ablaze: It deals damage when enemies attack.

Undying Flame: The Mino has a chance of surviving fatal attacks.

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