Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Pyrus idle
Type Fire Fire symbol
Evolution Evolves from Puprus at Lv. 25
Location Fire Island
Resemblence Wolf
Rarity Rare
Pyrus bio

This Mino is vicious and brutal in battle. It's raw fire power is enough to scare of all but the most epic Minos.
  — Game Description 


  • Volcanine was one of the Minos first seen in the most recent update on July 27, 2012. It was long thought to be called Firewoof, before the community later confirmed it to be Volcanine. Firewoof was it's name before the update became public.


This monster may be encountered in the Lavafield area on Fire Island and it can then be purchased for 3,970 Star Coins. It can also be purchased in the Shop for 66 Credits.


Fire Breathe:

Type: Fire

Power: 105

Energy Required: 2

Unlocked at Level 25


Type: Normal

Power: 185

Energy Required: 4

Unlocked at Level 27

Flame Pounce:

Type: Fire

Power: 160

Energy Required: 6

Unlocked at Level 31


Ablaze: When this monster is hit the attacker takes damage.

Unlocked at Level 29.

Undying Flame: This monster has a chance to survive blows that would otherwise defeat it.

Unlocked at Level 33.

Combat Notes

Volcanine is a really strong Mino if you level it up. It can defeat a lvl 28 electric class 2 in one blow, so choose wisely and train up Pyrus.