Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Type Electric Electric symbol
Evolution Monkzion
Location Dunes - Fire Island
Resemblence Monkey
Rarity Common

Simion's hair is naturally that way. Don't mess with him or he'll show you a shockingly good time!
  — Game Description 


This monster can be encountered at the Dunes on Fire Island. It can also be purchased for 100 mino-credits from the shop. It can be caught or purchased at level 25.


Name Unlocked Type Power Energy
Thunder Call Level 24 Electric "120" 2
Primal Punch Level 27 Normal "200" 4
Ion Blast Level 29 Electric "300" 6


Name Unlocked Description
Thundercloud Level 26 Deals 50% more damage to fire monsters.
Efficient Level 28 This monster's final elemental attack costs 1 less energy.