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    Now if you want to open the crate to the mega monster here's what you have to do, Freind me and comment down below and we both can open the crate, since its a free game you dont want to buy credits, friend me: DD43956665647BB6    so if you dont want to waste money on a FREE GAME!!!!!!!! do what i just typed in. peace XD

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    April 13, 2013 by Enderfireline


    Why do people always beg for friend codes?

    Why do you play minomonsters whats the reason if you dont have a good one WHY do you play?

    there are a lot of whys in this world i could'nt say  them all and i should'nt complain.

    But all im asking is WHY, is there a purpose, do you treat your mino's better than your flesh and blood, do you now have a habbit of a couch patato?

    If only someone could tell me why?

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