• Epicminoman

    Hello there its me Epicminoman and im going to show you easy ways to level up

    okay if you want a really easy way to level up here it is

    1:go to settings on your ipod

    2:select genral then go to date and time

    3:change it to a month further than todays date

    WARNING USE AT OWN RISK:if you do this if you want to go to the oringinal date

    and do it and go into mino monsters the time for healing will increase by alot and monster appear time by alot

    but you can always go back to the date it was before you set it back

    also wifi wont work in it

    finally 4:since you changed it one month further now each stage has new monsters

    5:battle bosses! youll earn good amount of exp also you can get new minos cause every time you go one month further the whole area will ha…

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  • Epicminoman

    Hello Its me Epicminoman and im going to show you how to get a good team Basics: you really dont want a team with 2 or more of the same type if you were what if a enemy had the weakness to them but if you had a team with like air fire lighting water or earth then you could have good match ups im not saying you cant win with 2 or more of the same type lots of people have im just saying this is a better way . Leveling up: when you level up you have a choice of power bonuses elemental power attack and defense the bounes that you should give are the stats that the mino doesnt have much of like cupine tons of defense but only defense will not make you win you have to boost his attack to be able to have strong attacks and strong defense for an …

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