Hello there its me Epicminoman and im going to show you easy ways to level up

okay if you want a really easy way to level up here it is

1:go to settings on your ipod

2:select genral then go to date and time

3:change it to a month further than todays date

WARNING USE AT OWN RISK:if you do this if you want to go to the oringinal date

and do it and go into mino monsters the time for healing will increase by alot and monster appear time by alot

but you can always go back to the date it was before you set it back

also wifi wont work in it

finally 4:since you changed it one month further now each stage has new monsters

5:battle bosses! youll earn good amount of exp also you can get new minos cause every time you go one month further the whole area will have new minos!!!

well thats it dont complain to me if you got something messed up in the game or your ipod im just trying to help