Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Vega idle
Type Ground Ground symbol
Location Mountain
Resemblence Armadillo/Dinosaur
Rarity Rare
Vega bio

Good guy to have in a pinch but gives terrible hugs. Doesn't have too many friends during peaceful times.
  — Game Description 


This monster may be encountered and caught at level 12 in the Mountain area on Earth Island. It can also be purchased in the Shop for 50 MinoCredits.


Rock Wave:

Unlocked: Level 26

Type: Ground

Energy Needed: 2

Power Increase: 105

Claw Strike:

Unlocked: Level 27

Type: Normal

Energy Needed: 4

Power Increase: 185

Rock Volley:

Unlocked: Level 31

Type: Ground

Energy Needed: 6

Power Increase: 160



Unlocked: Level 29

Description: Increases Block Chance by 10%


Unlocked: Level 33

Description: Increase Block Damage Reduction by 20%

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