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Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Wix idle
Type Electric Electric symbol
Evolution Voltrix
Location Mountain
Resemblence Ground Squirrel
Rarity Mega Rare
Wix's Description

Charged like a lightning bolt and twice as fast, Quixel is often found zapping Buzzflees for fun.
  — Game Description 


This monster may be encountered at level 10 at the Jungle on Water Island.

It can then be tamed for 310 Star Coins.

It may also be found in the mystery chest.


In Quixel description, it states that "Quixel is often found zapping Buzzflees for fun." This makes Quixel the only Mino to ever damage another Mino.


Skill Unlock at Type Power Energy
Roar Shock Level 10 Electric symbol 110 - 140 2
Bite Level 12 Normal 165 - 210 4
Bolt Level 20 Electric symbol 220 - 280 6



Unlocked: Level 14

Description: Deals significantly more damage to fire monsters.

Electric Master:

Unlocked: Level 16

Description: Deals more damage to electric monsters.