Idle Pose - Battle Pose

Zuppy idle
Type Air Air symbol
Evolution Evolves from Sprout, level 8
Location Evolves from Sprout
Resemblence Hummingbird Moth
Rarity Common
Zuppy bio

Zuppy's mind is an open door. A giant and wide open door with a brisk draft. He approaches new situations with childlike enthusiasm.
  — Game Description 


Skill Unlocked at Cost Type Power Energy Image
Sonic Boom Level 6 25 Star Coins
Air symbol


120 2
Tail Slap Level 8 50 Star Coins Normal 200 4
Tornado Level 10 100 star coins
Air symbol


300 6


Stifling Winds:

Unlocked: Level 7

Description: Increases defense against elemental attacks.

Air Master:

Unlocked: Level 9

Description: Deals additional damage to air monsters.


Name origin: Possibly from Zephyr (A strong gust of wind) and Tittuppy (To move or prance in a joyful way.)

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